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120 Watt Canvas Fold Up Solar Panel with Solar Charge Regulator
120 Watt Canvas Fold Up Solar Panel with Solar Charge Regulator

Vehicle alternators provide a great source of charge when driving to and from your destination, but for extended stays in the one location, an alternate source of power is usually required.
18V solar panels provide an environmentally friendly, quiet and simple way to harness free energy from the sun and modern technology provides more portability than ever when it comes to solar setups.

With monocrystalline solar panels encapsulated inside a durable PVC sleeve, they're half the weight of comparable size folding solar panel kits.

Drape it over your windshield, awning or just spread it out on the ground... GGTC monocrystalline solar blankets are tough. And, when you're finished using it just fold It up and store it in the boot.

>> Highest efficiency of all solar panel types

>> Folds away as easily as a blank  

 >> Doesn't use up all your valuable storage space

A. Features

Folds up to 55cm x 36cm for easy storage

Soft Edges - Travels well no sharp edges

Tough durable panels ideal for the 4WD or camping

3 M red/black charge leads to get the panels in the sun and you in the shade

Heavy Nylon case, water resistant for marine use

Reinforced eyelets for hanging / mounting

Folded up into a bag with hand strap for super portability

High Performance Monocrystaline cells - the most efficient technology available to harness more of the suns power

Pocket for easily storing accessories

B. Description
Portable power as sure as the sun!

Here's the pocket-friendly, eco-friendly and travel-friendly solution for keeping your car, RV, truck, boat or UTV's 12V battery charged.

This lightweight Solar Station's high-efficiency crystaline panels create enough power to charge laptops, top off batteries and more!

When power is scarce, this piece of bug out gear is the ultimate emergency preparedness tool.

The folding design allows for compact storing, small enough to store under the driver’s seat.

Waterproof PVC with PET laminated solar panels make it be waterproof for marine use, plug and play connections gets it up and

running right away.

Clean, reliable and compact. The perfect companion for camping, travelling, boating, and more!

C. Usage
Below pictures are for reference only. Please in kind prevail.

1. 18V out super perfectly charging kinds of laptops (with 10xadapters plug in and play):

2. Super Perfectly Charging the 12v battery with solar controller:

Full charging time for 12V/20AH lead-acid battery under strong sun: about 3h

Full charging time for 12V/40AH lead-acid battery under strong sun: about 6h

Here the solar controller is only used with 12V lead-acid battery, if other battery types, please contact us.

Above info is based on the solar panel can realize its max current when the sunshine condition is strong enough to reach its peak power. 
All solar panels' output are totally decided by sunshine intension. Its current will be 0A-6.7A when use.

So the real charging time will be decided by sunshine condition.

3. Charging phones, MP3, MP4 and other 5V units using the solar controller connecting with 12v car battery (MAX USB 5V/3A).

D. Specification

1. Solar Panel: peak power: 120W
2. Solar Type: Monocrystalline solar cells from Taiwan

3. Output Current: 6.7A (max, Standard Test Conditions: 1000W/m2, AM1.5, 25°C)
4. Open Circuit Voltage: 22.2V
5. Working Voltage: 18V
6. Efficiency: >19.2%

7. Output Interface: SAE

8. Extend Size: 220.0x55.0x1.0 cm

9. Foldable Size: 55.0x36.0x6.0 cm

10. Weight: 5.0KG

11. Color: black, green camouflage, digital camouflage...

E. Accessories

1. 1pc converting cable (SAE to DC5521 interface)

2. 10 connectors for laptops: Lenovo, HP, Dell, Samsung, Haier, Asus, SONI, Acer, IBM, Toshiba. 

3. 1pc solar controller installed with cable and battery clamp

(to protect battery’s charging, avoiding discharging/overcharging)


Packing: 1pc in box
Size: 580 (L)*380 (W)*80 (H) mm
Weight: 6.50kg

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