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100W Semi-Flexible Solar Panel
  • 100W Semi-Flexible Solar Panel
  • 100W Semi-Flexible Solar Panel
  • 100W Semi-Flexible Solar Panel
100W Semi-Flexible Solar Panel

100W 18V Flexible Sunpower Solar Panel for RV/Boat/Camping Car/Outdoor Portable Solar Charger for 12V Battery


【Series】:Semi-Flexible Solar Panel


The Flexible sunpower solar panels are made from Sunpower solar cells with an efficiency of 23%-25% (we provide the highest efficiency grade on the whole line, others are generally 19%-22%).

The cells are embedded in unique and highly resilient polymers that provide strength and durability. Their flexible non-glass construction is tough enough to walk on and only 1/8th the wieght of a standard glass panel.

The sunpower branded solar cell is one of the highest efficiency cells in the World from the USA, meaning higher power generation of between 25-30% more than conventional PV modules of the same size. The high performance monocrystalline cells are encapsulated between EVA & TPT giving excellent durability under harsh outdoor conditions. Thin, light and when fitted to the roof of a caravan or motor home very aerodynamic. Light weight design combined with high efficiency cells and solar panel flexibility makes our latest Solar Curve range also perfect for marine use and many more applications where a rigid framed solar panel is not an option.

· Ultra flexible (up to 60%), ultra light weight 
· Coated surface which can be walked on in deck shoes.
· Highly efficient sunpower "back contact" cell 
· Can be conveniently placed on curved solid surfaces
· Fastening points to fix it everywhere
· Low voltage-temperature coefficient allows higher power output at high-temperature condition 


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